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UTC 2019 Timetable (North)

UTC Martial Arts timetable for the northern suburbs as of August 2019.

UTC 2019 Timetable (South)

UTC Martial Arts timetable for the southern suburbs as of August 2019

Information Packages


UTC Black Belt Responsibilities and Agreement
UTC Grading Application Form

UTC Martial Arts Grading Application Form. Must be submitted 10 days prior to grading.

UTC Medical Details Form

UTC Martial Arts Medical Details Form.

UTC 2 Week Trial Application Forms

UTC Martial Arts 2 week trial Application Form.

UTC Membership Application Form

UTC Martial Arts Membership Application Form.

Useful Information and Tools

Taekwondo Terminology – Useful for Gradings

A compilation of useful Taekwondo terminology and information, that might prove useful for gradings.

Healthy Eating Chart

A two-page chart detailing the effects eating different types of food will have on your health. (Downloadable PDF)

Never Feel Sick Again

A one-page sheet describing the different foods that can help alleviate different ailments and symptoms. (Downloadable PDF)

Fruit and Veg Eating Guide

A guide to what fruits and vegetables can help with, and a list of after-meal don’ts. (Downloadable PDF)

How much water do you need a day?

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that calculates the amount of water you should be drinking each day. (XLS Spreadsheet)